2024 Wedding: Up-to-Date Bridal Beauty Trends to Follow!

Isha Sirohi is a highly acclaimed makeup artist for her expertise in Airbrush & HD makeup, bridal, occasion, and party makeup.

As you embark on your wedding preparations, having likely secured your dream venue and perhaps chosen your significant wedding dress, the focus now shifts to how you envision yourself on the big day. The question arises – where do you start, and what hair and makeup trends are in vogue for weddings in 2024?

For 2024 brides, the prevailing trend is towards a fresh and luminous appearance, embracing skin that looks natural, almost makeup-free. Products are chosen not to conceal but to enhance, revealing a more personal and effortlessly beautiful finish.

To assist you in selecting the perfect makeup look, the blog delves into popular trends that strike a balance between being on-trend and timeless.

Bridal Makeup Latest Trends to Follow In 2024:

1. Lip Colour:

In 2024, red lip shades take center stage, offering a timeless and powerful look that symbolizes passion and love. The versatility of red hues caters to various skin tones, and a touch of gloss adds refinement to the overall appearance.

2. Sparkling Skin:

The trend for 2024 leans towards a natural and radiant complexion. The use of liquid highlighters blended with foundation creates a smooth, fresh, and healthy skin tone. This subtle glow ensures that the skin looks natural, avoiding excessive shine in photographs.

3. Classic Eyes:

A timeless and elegant eye makeup look, inspired by icons like Audrey Hepburn, enhances the bride’s beauty without overpowering it. This soft and romantic approach to eye makeup ensures a beautiful and enduring look in wedding photographs.

4. Contouring:

Contouring remains a popular choice, evolving over the years into a more refined and sculpted finish. While blush makes a comeback for brides seeking an English-rose-style complexion, contouring continues to play a significant role in defining facial features.

5. Pastel Monotone:

For a soft and dreamy appearance, pastel eyeshadows, especially matte pinks, are recommended. The subtlety of the pastel tones enhances the eyes without appearing overpowering.

6. Smokey Eye:

The classic smokey eye evolves in 2024, incorporating deep tones such as greens, browns, and blacks. This sophisticated look, whether applied to the eyelids or softly blended, complements eye colors and can make them pop.

7. Natural Makeup:

A more natural approach to wedding makeup ensures a stunning look that stands the test of time. Termed as “natural glam,” this technique accentuates the bride’s best features without overpowering her natural beauty.

8. Upfront Lip Gloss:

Bright lipsticks are considered, but neutral lip makeup remains a popular choice. The focus is on achieving a moist, glossy shine for the lips, adding volume and charm to the overall bridal look.

9. Shimmers:

To enhance the bride’s radiance, a touch of larger shimmer particles on the cheekbones or strategically placed rhinestones can be added. The key is moderation to avoid an overly glittery effect.

10. Red Haze:

A bold trend from the fashion industry, the red haze makeup look, covering the area from cheekbones to eyebrows, makes its way into wedding fashion in 2024. This bold yet elegant approach requires a flawless face tone to highlight the vivid shadows.

11 Underlined Eyebrows:

While not yet widely embraced, emphasizing eyebrows is gaining traction. Well-groomed and tinted eyebrows add richness to the facial structure, making other expressions more expressive.

In conclusion, Isha Sirohi emphasizes that thorough research and trial sessions are essential to ensure the chosen bridal makeup aligns seamlessly with the bride’s vision. The blog encourages brides to plan, taking the time to experiment with different looks before the wedding day to avoid any last-minute surprises. Ultimately, the goal is to create a memorable and enchanting bridal look that stands out in photographs capturing the joyous celebration.

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